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We define culture as the thousands of one-on-one interactions that happen in your organization, day after day.
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A hard reality is that managers will almost never be able to fully penetrate their organizations such that they can identify all the key cultural issues. Employees are unable to recognize and articulate the issues and are sometimes unwilling to share their views. Fortunately, we have thorough discovery methods that will bring these hidden issues into the light. We generate quantitative and qualitative perspective through surveys and interviews. Our proprietary methods and approaches are built on academic research and practical experience. We study fourteen different areas and produce insights that guide the rest of the process.


Guided by the cultural audit results and your business situation, we work with you to lay out a complete plan, a roadmap, for building a culture that will drive results. Elements of the plan will usually include skills training, skills coaching and development, strategy and leadership, and work systems. A good roadmap is detailed, targeted, and tailored to your situation.


This is where we do the bulk of our work, and this is where real cultural transformation starts to happen! We start with a menu of ten core workshop courses and tailor the solution from there. Each workshop is designed in a flexible format and comes complete with student materials, facilitator’s guides, and training materials. Our courses are proven, powerful, and effective. They are fun, full of insights, and incorporate unique approaches built on insights about how adults learn. Your team will obtain many valuable skills. The skills they learn will not only help them at work, but will enrich every aspect of their lives. Best of all, their performance boost will improve your bottom line business results!


Our experienced and highly skilled coaches help your team turn their new skills into constructive, deeply ingrained habits. Whether it’s at the executive level or with an entry level person, our coaches know what it takes to help people progress and improve their performance. We don’t give you answers; we make you think and prompt you to act. Coaching can be delivered 1:1 or in small groups, depending on a number of factors. We will work with you to design a coaching solution that fits your needs and makes the right impact.


Our expert consultants combine proven tools and deep experience to guide business strategy, operations, and systems, all of which become more straightforward once the cultural foundation is established. Managers often find the work in this area to be daunting. Fortunately, this part of culture building is greatly enabled by first establishing the cultural foundations of solid relational and interpersonal skills. We will help address your strategy and multi-year plans, your decision making models, leadership structure and succession planning, work processes, and personnel development systems. We will empower you with tools that work and provide you with critical perspective.

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