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Are your business office responsibilities taking over your focus on patient care? Are you struggling with collections? Overhead? Personnel issues? Long-term planning and strategy?

Our clients experience thriving and productive practices and we want that for you too! When you sense that business challenges are beginning to impact your productivity, profitability, or enjoyment, we can work with you to identify the practice areas that need attention and determine the appropriate corrective actions. We’ll explore your unique situation by resourcing decades of experience with thousands of practices in every specialty.

Most of our consulting engagements begin with an In-Depth Practice Review to identify areas that need attention and establish a plan of action. Thereafter, we provide a well-coordinated, comprehensive approach to implement recommendations and meet the ongoing needs of your unique practice. Our objective is to help you eliminate struggles and implement best business practices so you can experience maximum satisfaction and capture more clinical time to focus on your patients.

Many of our medical practice clients have been with us for 10 years or more – a true testament to the value of our services and abilities. We look forward to helping you achieve your mission and financial objectives so you can do your best.

One number to call. One firm accountable. That’s The Power of ServiceSM.

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